This collection boasts a broad selection of works by Basque authors, on Basque themes and/or written in the Basque language, regardless of the subject matter and the publication date.

You can consult the oldest work published by a Basque printing press, by Matias Mares in Bilbao in 1578 (“De gloria libri V....” by Jerónimo Osorio), the first edition of the Bizkaia Charter, printed in Burgos in 1528 by Juan de Junta or the oldest works printed in Basque by Agustín Cardaberaz, Sebastián de Mendiburu, Juan Antonio Mogel, and Pedro de Axular, among others, along with the first words in Basque which appeared in a printed work in 1533 (“De las cosas memorables de España … “ by Lucio Marineo Sículo). There is also an extensive list of works written in Spanish by authors such as Martín de Azpilcueta, Alonso de Ercilla y Zuñiga, Esteban de Garibay y Zamalloa, Father Henao, Manuel de Larramendi, Valentín de Foronda and José Antonio Ibáñez de la Renteria,...

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